“Does it feel weird?”

A mix between loss and gain. Opportune blessing strung together through separation and farewells.
How does it feel? How’s it going to feel?
As more and more of my past is trimmed away I keep wondering how this is going to all turn out. My mind pacifies itself envisioning scenarios of other world views. But, how can I envision the world to come without the lenses only experience can provide?
I think the trick to evolution is letting go of all this. The filters that disguise our reality eventually inhibit our experience. The optometrist told me I have perfectly healthy eyes as I sat wondering why I was paying for a new pair of glasses.
What is it like to leave the door open on your future? Does it feel weird?
Only if you are tied to your past. Some of us are… painfully so.
Evolution doesn’t often happen without some discomfort.
Every time a bird moults its feathers, and a snake sheds its skin, as painful as it might be… new opportunities emerge. Minor adaptations that can build into competitive advantage… or increased cooperative associations! 
Your mind has the same potential. By shedding your mental dialog which, for all intents and purposes, is the skin of your mind, you open yourself up for new opportunities… 

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