Supporting Evidence

Supporting evidence to show that the work I’ve generated is valid and authentic. This is a place to capture any data that does not have a home within other sections of the main body of work.

Below is some of the email coorispondance between Chow, Bright Sky, and myself – our ad-hoc diploma peer support group.

Subject: Meeting recap and website info

From: Theron

Date: June 26, 2555 BE 16:30:51 GMT+10:00

To: Chowgene, Bright Sky

Great meeting today…

(after some coffee) I finally woke up!

My take away from the meeting was to contact Matt regarding questions about what constitutes a diploma project and how to manage all the little projects in between. (does that seem like an accurate reflection of what we were talking about while I was brain dead?)

I am also going to try to get all my appendix material up by the end of the week.

Looking forward to seeing you both and catching up in person!!

On Jul 24, 2555 BE, at 00:55, Bright Sky wrote:

Hello Gentlemen!

6:30 for Chow is 7:30 my time. The library is closed at that time, so I’m hoping the connection at my cottage is strong enough. I might run down to check my aunt’s connection as well.

Very excited to talk to y’all!

Cielo Brillante
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On Jul 23, 2555 BE, at 6:28, Theron Beaudreau  wrote:

Hey Diploma team!

Just a reminder that we are meeting (google hangout) today at 6:30pm for Chow and I think 5:30pm for Brightest Sky.

Let me know if you guys foresee any issues with this meeting time. I meant to send out a reminder sooner but have been in the car all day.

Hope all is well!

Keeping it short is idea for me as well. We are hosting a PDC onsite at the moment and I have only an hour of time available before my day starts. Looking forward to this discussion!

Thank you guys… talk to you both soon!

On Jun 20, 2555 BE, at 07:29, Bright Sky wrote:
Progression unfolding for me as well. Really enjoying the time to work slowly and steadily. I will be in NYC that Monday, but I should still be able to check in at 4:30 EST, provided we keep it relatively short. If I could get a time guide for how long we’re shooting for that will help me immensely. Will 45-60 minutes be enough?
Glad you guys are feeling good. Talk to y’all Monday!
joyfully yours,
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On Jun 19, 2555 BE, at 8:59, Chowgene Koay wrote:
Doing fine. On my way to a consult right now. I’ll be updating the site I’m using soon and the day works out fine.
Hope all is well, and I’ll see y’all soon.Chow
On Jun 19, 2012, at 7:40 AM, Theron Beaudreau wrote:
Hey Chow…

Didn’t see your email come through until just now for some reason. I think we wanted to keep the same monday (June 25th) and just change the time to what is listed below. Does this time and day still work for you guys?
With a little less than a week to go before our peer review I wanted to check in to see how both of you guys were feeling about your progress thus far. Feeling the need for more support or more time?
I’ve been updating by website with info as I produce it… was on a roll for a bit but really got caught up in work here. Still feel confidant about finishing on time but maybe not as early as I hoped (I wanted to have the first project done by the check-in… that doesn’t look all too likely now.)
I’ve also been meaning to email Matt and let him know how we are going… I might hold until after our check-in so I can email him that progress.
Let me know how you guys are going and if you feel like the check-in is going to work for you.
On Jun 4, 2555 BE, at 14:29, Chowgene Koay wrote:
Forgot to reply back earlier. which Monday do we need to reschedule to?
On May 27, 2012, at 3:27 AM, Theron Beaudreau wrote:
Hey Guys,

This email is just to quickly recap our first meeting (DIPLOMA PEER REVIEW TEAM GO!)
We have officially started our diploma process!
Our first project is due August 5th
After looking closer at the time of our next meeting I realized that the time would be pretty challenging for me. Bright Sky and I propose the following with the idea we can make further adjustments should it be needed.
We’ll have a check in on Monday at 5:30pm Central time (Monday 4:30pm Eastern Time & Tuesday 5:30am Thailand).
By that meeting we want to have the following as a minimum:
1. A place to publish / display our work digitally. (website, blog, wiki or other)
2. A 2000 – 3000 word “Life Review” essay. Reflecting on the past, from youth – today. What brought you to this point? See attached document “Life Review Process.doc” and Theron’s Life Review Essay:
<Life Review Process.doc>
(As this meeting marks the halfway point for the first project we will ideally have a little more than just these two things.)
The process we discussed for the first project is as follows:
1. Life Review
2. Goals & Vision Articulation
3. Skill Flex – Skills to improve and areas of interest
4. Action Learning – synthesis of above – 10 projects for diploma
5. Permaculture C.V.
6. Appendix
(see mindmap attached for more detail)
During our check-in meeting we will each go over the following:
1. What is going well?
2. What challenges are we having?
3. How does this fit into our long term goals?
4. What are our next action steps?
Attached to this email is also the mind map of the diploma thus far. If you go the the “windows” menu option and select “layers” you will see the layers menu appear and notice that I have separated the map into several layers. The only layer that is completely set out is the first project and that is definitely the one to focus on for now.
I’ve also attached an example of the peer review process. It looks like they give themselves 2 weeks after the deadline of each project to submit peer reviews. They also follow a specific question/answer format for the reviews. I’ve separated the questions out into a template that we can use (modify and make adjustments to as needed) and attached it here as well.
<Permaculture Diploma MM.vue>
<Peer Review Template.doc>
Some websites you might also want to look at for guidance:
(I also have Matt’s diploma site that is the best one of these… although he has asked me not to share it at this time – a lot of the processes I’ll be using will be based off his work. The mind map I’ve made is a direct reflection of his work through Richard Perkins).

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