Permaculture C.V.

Theron Beaudreau

3616 Pennsylvania Ave
Austin, Texas 78721

Skype: cultivatingtheron


A permaculture designer, consultant and educator with many years in Co-operative business development and management. A natural leader, community cultivator and visionary seeking to expand capacity for ecologically regenerative education and aid worldwide.


Administrative Manager, Rak Tamachat Permaculture, Nong Bua Noi, Thailand — Jan 2012 – July 2012

Founding manager of a permaculture education and demonstration facility in central Thailand. Co-creating and implementing both physical and non-physical permacultural systems including: Natural building structures, forest garden systems, food production, earthworks, internship program, financing, community dynamics, schedules and responsibilities. Also co-teaching permaculture courses, workshops and PDCs.

Founder, Community Cultivators, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas — Apr 2010 – Present

A grassroots network centered around the cultivation of “mind, body and soil”. Coordinated community gatherings, workshops and skill exchange events to cultivate food security, community resilience and ecological regenerative design.

Board Member, Wheatsville Co-op, Austin, Texas — May 2008 – Aug 2011

Assisted in Bylaws revision project. Chaired Policy Revision Committee and oversaw a project to update and revise entire board policy manual to comply with new bylaws, current organizational aims and board culture. Helped to revise organizational ends. Co-presenter at CCMA (Consumer Co-operative Management Association national conference) regarding the development of ACTT (Austin Cooperative Think-Tank), a cooperative think-tank focused on expanding the cooperative economy in Austin.

Stocking Supervisor, Wheatsville Co-op, Austin, Texas — Oct 2006 – Jul 2011

Managed 53% of total store sales. Developed tools, resources and training material to generate double digit growth 4 years running, including a year of limited sales due to disruptions from expansion. Pioneered many systems that positively impacted total store performance. Developed and facilitated a leadership training class for lead staff members storewide.

Vice President, Crude Awakening, Austin, Texas — Jun 2006 – Mar 2007

Co-drafted a resolution unanimously approved by Austin City Council creating an Energy Depletion Risks Task Force to develop a contingency plan for dealing with any crisis stemming form energy shortages.


Permaculture Research Institute of Australia — Internship Oct 2011 – Dec 2011
Permaculture Design Certified – March 2009
Co-operative Management Training (Rising Stars) – Jan 2009
Co-operative Leadership Development – Oct 2008


Permaculture Design, Consultancy, Education. Permaculture Earthworks, Urban Design. Community Cultivation, Co-operative Business Management, Organizational Development and Open Book Financing


Permaculture Teachers Training – July 2012 – Rak Tamachat Permaculture
Permaculture Internship – Dec 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Permaculture Aid Worker – Nov 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Soil Biology & Natural Fertilizer – Nov 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Permaculture Teachers Training – Nov 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Permaculture Urban Landscape Design – Nov 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Permaculture Earthworks – Oct 2011 – Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Permaculture Design (PDC) – Feb 2009 – Austin Permaculture Guild