Project 2 – Process Review & Reflection

Review and reflection are important parts of any permaculture design process. Through review and reflection we are able to peer into our decision making and learning processes. This helps us to make more appropriate and sound decisions later and insure that we are getting the most out of our learning pathway.

  1. Project report title: Project 2 – Permaculture Design Course

  2. Summarize how and why you organized this Project Output as presented (Reflect on your design, process, method and purpose):  I used the Permaculture Design Process to organize the material of this project as it seemed the most logical.

  3. How did this process go? The process was long and arduous. There were several points throughout the documentation process that I was feeling burnt out and stressed about the workload that I had put on myself. Doing this work while juggling so many other projects was not ideal for my sanity.

  4. What did you learn? I learned so much through this project. All you have to do is read the documentation to realize what an incredible journey it’s been. Most of all, I learned that I should really analyze what I can reasonably accomplish in 10 weeks, while also making a leaving and enjoying life, and frame projects around a more reasonable work load.

  5. Did you find any people or tutorials particularly useful in creating this project report? I have so many people to thank! A world of community contributed to the accomplishment of this project. I wouldn’t no where to begin although I’ve done my best to document these particulars within the report itself.

  6. How well did you showcase your learnings in this project report? I honestly would have liked to do a better job showcasing my learning process throughout however, considering the work load, it became far more important for me to be effective and reasonable with my time and shorten areas that could probably been showcased better. All in all, I feel very good about the report and the work I did manage to produce.

  7. Would you consider this project report satisfactory if it was prepared by another person? I set the bar pretty high for myself… so yes, I think this would be satisfactory for anyone.

  8. Any final reflections on your pathway integration and development? This will likely be the most extensive project I will take on during the course of this Diploma process. It was a huge undertaking and, had it not been for peer support and accountability, I probably would have given up on it. Although I want to push my edges, I don’t want to burn myself out. In the future, I will definitely be working to make my projects more manageable and less onerous. I am really pleased with the results and even more pleased that I can finally close the book on this one!

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