Project 3 – Process Review & Reflection

Review and reflection are important parts of any permaculture design process. Through review and reflection we are able to peer into our decision making and learning processes. This helps us to make more appropriate and sound decisions later and insure that we are getting the most out of our learning pathway.

Project report title: Project 2 – Permaculture Design Course

  1. Summarize how and why you organized this Project Output as presented (Reflect on your design, process, method and purpose):  For this project I used the standard Permaculture Design Methodology to organize the project output. The process was one of constant observation, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation, redesign, etc. It was a huge learning process both in terms of the material work of the design and in terms of permaculture design itself. The purpose became more and more clear as the results became more and more clear. This design has incredible potential to resolve one of permaculture’s weakest links.
  2. How did this process go? The process was quite challenging and also rewarding. Throughout the early design phases I really felt like I was paying for poor design with extra requirements of time and effort. Once I had the opportunity to evaluate, redesign and implement the new design the rewards were far beyond my expectations.
  3. What did you learn? I learned the power of good design, game theory and the importance of sound goals and incentives.
  4. Did you find any people or tutorials particularly useful in creating this project report? Zingerman’s ZingTrain consultation, and my experience managing The Great Game of Business at Wheatsville were invaluable. I am also finding “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses” by Jesse Schell to be particularly useful in many areas of design work.
  5. How well did you showcase your learnings in this project report? I feel good about the learnings showcased in this report. Although there is not a rich mix of media formats and the report is heavy on text, it seems necessary for the presentation of the subject in this case.
  6. Would you consider this project report satisfactory if it was prepared by another person? I set the bar pretty high for myself… so yes, I think this would be satisfactory for anyone.
  7. Any final reflections on your pathway integration and development? I am excited to see this project continue to evolve. The potentials are truly immense! After reading “Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making” by Allan Savory I can see a natural synergy between Allan’s Holistic Financial Planning and this system of forward looking financial gamification.

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