Project Phive – The Regenerative Business Plan

Project five (dubbed “Project Phive” for reasons that will become clear as the project progresses) is a design project based on the creation of a regenerative business plan. A regenerative business plan is a concept that, based on all previous Permaculture Diploma projects, is still developing. This project will actually be developed in tandem with the next five diploma projects and will likely not be completed until the completion of all ten projects. For me, Project Phive or, The Regenerative Business Plan, is the culmination of the entire Permaculture Diploma process. It requires a a significant amount of research, information collection, analysis and design that will take several months to complete. For this reason, Project Phive is postponed and this page is just a placeholder until more develops.

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Project Phive is a Phi spiral is too big for a simple 10 week project. More time will be dedicated to the design of a regenerative business plan.


Create a fully regenerative business plan that grows and perpetuates on the most stable and resilient pattern of growth found in nature – the Phi Ratio.


How do current model of business plans function and what properties of the Phi Ratio are most compatible with present models?


What does a Regenerative Business Plan look like? What are it’s properties and how does it replicate? Are their ways to formulate business planning models, based on current models, that would allow for anyone to create a regenerative business plan using a simple template?


The culmination of all my work within the Permaculture Diploma model. How a Regenerative Business Plan will look, how it will function, replicate, grow and prosper. This is the implementation of my future beyond the Permaculture Diploma.


If this model is successful I believe it will be a true revolution in business planning. The evaluation will demonstrate the effectiveness of the design and potential of its application.


The Appendix captures all the things that don’t fall under the above sections and provides a body of support for the richness of the information above. This section also provides a space for my assessment of this permaculture diploma project as well as peer reviews. The appendix includes:

Time & Information Resources (coming soon)
Process Review / Reflection (coming soon)
Supporting Evidence (coming soon)
Learning Journal Extracts (coming soon)
Peer Reviews (coming soon)

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