Ready or not…

My bag is packed. Yes, I said bag. As in singular.

Ok, so I will have a second bag… for my books. Aside from that, I have consolidated my life for the next year + into one bag. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m still having a hard time grasping it.

It’s like it’s all happening of it’s own accord now. A flow.

Maybe more like a torrent?

By the end of the weekend I’ll be for all intents and purposes, homeless. Really, that is to say, I will not have my inviting bed and only a hardwood floor to lay my head. Well, thats not true either.

Now, lets be completely honest… the point of this blog post is not to waste your time with silly exaggerations because…
Ready or not – IT’S TIME TO PARTY!

You are cordially invited to my Permaculture Adventure Kickoff!

When: Saturday, July 30th at 8pm — until the party ends.

Join me at the Deadend Homestead:
3616 Pennsylvania Ave

Hope to see you there!!

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