Starting with an affirmation

As the freedom of this epic journey starts to permeate further into my reality I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity of the beautiful community here. I’ve tried several times to capture my appreciation in words with little success. Rather than continue to blunder through that line let me get back to brass tax…

Last night I raised an additional $200 for my future permaculture aid work efforts. Despite what the ChipIn sidebar says, I am now a mere $50 from reaching my first goal of $1000 to carry the seeds of permaculture to parts of the world that are, for one reason or another, most in need of this revolution in ecological land management.
I never imagined I would come this far and, even more so, be so well received by you all. I’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm my conviction that I intend to show you how your contribution has made a difference in the world. This is not some large faceless charity you’ve contributed to and I will refrain from trying to guilt you with images of starving children. I intend to pull back the veil on some of the root causes of poverty and famine and expose real solutions that demonstrate that the potential for abundance can be found anywhere.
That’s a tall order, I know. But I don’t have any hesitation in saying your contributions will go toward accomplishing just that. I’ve separated the donated money from my personal accounts and travel expenses. This will help to ensure that each dollar donated goes directly to these goals and I will not withdraw on that money until I feel I can justify its use toward that end.

Indeed I feel very fortunate to be in a place were I can take this leap and experience life in this way. None of this has come easy and I have no illusions about the incredible challenges that lie ahead. I arrived here through hard work and dedication, however, what I’m doing is not extraordinary. Rather, it is the result of applying myself to what I truly believe. Life is what we make it…

YOU make it amazing!

To all the people who have inspired me and helped to make this journey possible…
~My Deepest Thanks~

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