My Personal Vision

Personal Vision

I envision a world of natural abundance, genuine love and deep compassion. My path toward this vision is through permaculture, spiritual practice and emersion in nature.

Personal Mission

To be of the most help, to the greatest number of beings, over the longest time, with the least amount of effort. Continually refine my ethics and skillfully incorporate them into my decision making process. Incorporate permaculture ethics and principles into all aspects of my life. Be the most effective catalyst for regenerative action I am capable of being. Increase the capacity for permaculture aid world wide. Increase the capacity, availability and credibility of permaculture education.

Occupational Mission

It is my goal to provide ecological restoration services to everyone who is interested or in need, regardless of personal finances. Often, the people in the greatest need, are the ones with the least to give. No one should ever be excluded from the opportunity to understand how their ecology works and how to improve their lives through ecological restoration. The rewards of helping people realize their personal power to restore their environment and grow their wealth through this restoration cannot be measured.

In order for this to be possible, I offer services to peoples with the financial means to “sponsor” those who have little or nothing to offer. I in no way seek to personally profit from this work but instead to exercise the permaculture ethic of sharing resources. Through the open exchange of resources (including our time and knowledge) we can all have a fair share of the abundance that ecological restoration cultivates.

Choosing to live through these ethics is a work in process and is something I am constantly seeking to refine and improve. Please see my services if you are interested in learning more about systems that can help to revitalize your ecology, economy and community. Regardless of your personal financial situation, it is my pleasure to find a way to make an equitable exchange that will grow the abundance of life and wealth for all.