I have had the great fortune to work with some amazing and inspirational people over the course of the past several years. These testimonials are a collection of the generous words that have been shared with me.

In permaculture and project management:

Geoff Lawton“I am confident that Theron is equipped to serve and lead on Permaculture projections throughout the world and I wish him the best on his Permaculture path.” – Geoff Lawton, Managing Director at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia


“Theron always shines through with his thoughtful, authentic & fluid approach. I have observed his pioneering design work have a profound & holistic impact at the projects that we worked at & managed together. He is a true pleasure to work with, a solid community developer & a spot on facilitator. I value his grounded, creative & thorough work ethic & I am excited to collaborate with him again in the future.” – Matt Prosser. International Permaculture Designer, Consultant & Certified Trainer.

“Theron’s unique combination of incredible work ethic and relaxed attitude make it a joy to work with him. His abilities as a regenerative designer can add profound insight to any situation and turn being in a hole into a stairway to success whether it’s financial planning, event design, personal development, or ecology restoration.” – Beth Beutel, Board Administrative Assistant at Wheatsville Food Co-Op

In teaching and mentoring:

“Theron is an engaging teacher and inspiring mentor. He empowers his students to teach each other through thoughtful facilitation and creative activities. Theron’s commitment to creating a better world comes across in every lesson, encouraging others to follow their unique path. Working with Theron has been a delight. I am on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with him again.” – Erin Hickok, Organizer for Grassroots Innovation

“Theron’s Permaculture Design Course was more than I could have asked for. Expectations surpassed. I hold more hope for our species now than ever before, while truly grasping the gravity of the situation. Thank you!” – Jonathan Horstmann, Founder / Vice President for The Food is Free Project

“I have experienced such an amazing two weeks with Theron building us up all along the way. When it comes to Permaculture, I could not tell you enough what amazing resources Theron is.” – Daniel Woods, Permaculture Student & Practitioner

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