What is #REX6Texas?

REX6_A4_PosterIn the world of workshops & courses there is nothing quite like the #Regrarians 10 day Integrated Farm Planning course or #REX. A carefully crafted distillation of the world’s greatest and most effective methodologies, the #REX is designed for nothing less than effective outcomes. People are participants, not ‘attendees’ or ‘students’ at a #REX such is the integrity of the course model for its inclusive approach. Following the Regrarians already renowned & highly respected #RegrariansPlatform, the #REX follows a subject a day, building layer by practical layer for the real client and real enterprise that is the basis for this unique 10 day experience. 

The #REX6Texas is guided over its journey by #Regrarians Ltd. #DarrenJDoherty, a consultant’s consultant & designer’s designer of world class & reputation. Unfortunately right now, few people on the planet have the real project experience and track record that Darren brings to the #REX, but that’s what the #REX is all about changing…

Register here: http://www.regrarians.org/product/rex6texas/

The #REX does not promise all things to all people, it is founded on reality and accordingly we want you to consider the following questions:

UAV-Homestead-TREX2016Name: ‘Integrated Acres
Land Area: 150 acres (60ha)
Climate: Temperate
Annual Rainfall: 49″ (1244mm)
Hosts: Theron Beaudreau
Location: Douglass, Texas, USA
Longitude/Latitude: 94°54’22”, W  31°41’49″N
18-27 June 2016


Resilient agricultural practices such as Holistic Management, Keyline®, Carbon Farming, Silvopasture, Agroecology and Agroforestry are quickly gaining attention as tools for the future of farming. The Regrarians Platform, developed by Darren and Lisa, combines years of experience working with all these disciplines and many others to create a step by step process toward the cutting edge of agriculture.

UAV-Pond-TREX2016Integrated Acres exists to train more young people in the business and lifestyle of restorative agriculture. We seek to fill the gap between young farmers entering farming and ranching for the first time and an aging generation of farmers looking to retire. We believe that the REX 10-day training can help anyone develop a successful farm or ranch enterprise.

In our effort to highlight the advantages of healthy food systems, this event will be fully catered with the finest locally-sourced fare and prepared by a distinguished chef. Integrated Acres invites you to join us for this once in a lifetime event.

*To do a course that is ‘cutting to the chase’ and respects your valuable time, investment & involvement?
*To do a course that is led by someone has over 20 years of real project experience in well over 40 countries?
*To walk away from a course with less questions than when you started because now you know how to get to work?
*To do a course where you are working on a real project with real clients and real outcomes?
*A level of professional support following the course?
*To do daily exercises that build your confidence and understanding from Day 1?
*To get constructive and participatory feedback on your work?
*An intense experience that is big on you understanding processes you’ll be able to take to any regenerative agricultural project?
Day 3 – WATER
Day 4 – ACCESS
Day 8 – SOILS
Day 10 – ENERGY


Regrarians 10 day Open Consultancy (REX)

The REX is our marquee training event with the intention of accelerating the development of regenerative land management.  The REX is run over 10 intensive days (no day off!) and is based on a real farm with real clients taking real risks and looking for a real future. Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty will lead both the attendees and the clients through an intensive program which is a participatory balance of practical theory and hands-on decision making and practice just as happens on real projects & these are real projects!!

PLEASE NOTE! The following REX Outline is a representation only — each REX venue will have variations with regards some of the practicums as the availability of different equipment will vary…

DAY 1 – Climate (90 minute sessions)

A – Client ‘Climate’ Briefing, Develop Holistic Goal/Concept, Terms of Reference
B – Atmospheric Climate retrieval & analysis, macro & micro climate factors
C – Legal ‘Climate’ retrieval & analysis, Municipal & State planning, other regulations
D – Climate Layer Exercise – Over 60 mins in small work-teams frame responses to the above and report to course findings in 10 mins each group (includes feedback)
E – Thermophyllic Composting Demonstration (scalable)

DAY 2 – Geography

A – Revision; Sandpit: Keyline Geography, Geometry & Applications
B – Assemble & Study Cadastral, Geology, Soil, Topographic, Planning & Mining Maps
C – GIS/GPS/Survey Applications & Technologies, Online GIS resources, Developing Effective Plans
D – Farm Walk ‘n’ Talk, Landscape Reading & Analysis, ‘Farmscape’ Analysis, Define Primary Land Unit & Land Component Boundaries, ‘Bullseye’ Demonstration

DAY 3 – Water

A – Revision; Examine & Overview of Existing Farm Water Systems, Farm Catchment
B – Earth Dam Construction & Water Harvesting Infrastructure – Design, Processes & Applications
C – Farm Irrigation Systems – Design, Applications & Installation
D – Water Layer – Over 90 mins (plus break time) develop farm water storage, harvesting
E – Water Layer Presentation & Feedback session + 10 mins each group for presentation & feedback

DAY 4 – Access

A – Revision; Examine & Overview of Existing Internal & External Farm Access
B – Access Earthworks Design, Engineering, Construction & Applications
C – Dam, Water Harvesting & Access Set Out Practicum: using Surveyor & DIY Instruments (RTK-GPS, Total Station, Transit & Laser Levels)
D – Access Layer – Over 60 mins develop farm access concept plan + 10 mins per group for presentation & feedback

DAY 5 – Forestry

A – Revision; Forestry Systems Applications: Shelterbelts, Alleys, Orchards, Avenues, Woodlands, Blocks, Riparian
B – Forestry Systems Design & Establishment Strategies
C – Forestry Systems Management & Utilisation
D – Forestry Layer – Over 60 mins develop farm forestry concept plan + 10 mins per group for presentation & feedback

DAY 6 – Buildings

A – Revision; Building Types & Technologies: Dwellings, Sheds, Yards & Portable Livestock
B – Building placement strategies, Existing Building Analysis & Retrofitting Options
C – Lucas Portable Sawmill Practicum + Broiler Shelter Construction
D – Building Layer – Over 60 mins develop farm building concept plan + 10 mins per group for presentation & feedback

DAY 7 – Fencing

A – Revision; Fencing Technologies, Applications & Costings
B – Fencing Placement – Land Components/Structures/Livestock systems
C – Fencing Installation Practicum – with local ‘Pro’ Fencer: Build end assemblies, ‘wires & pliers’, electric net fencing, tumblewheel
D – Fencing Layer – Over 60 mins develop farm fencing concept plan + 10 mins per group for presentation & feedback

DAY 8 – Soils
A – Revision, ‘5 Ingredients for Soil Formation’ – House Envelope & SilvoPastoral Applications
B – Farm Soil Classifications & Sample Analysis: Earth Building, Earthworks & Agricultural
C – Yeomans Keyline Plow ‘Pattern Cultivation’, Survey & Set Out
D – ‘Time Poor’ Farm Garden Practicum: No Dig/Wicking Beds; Keyline Plow Forestry &
Orchard Ground Preparation
E – Holistic Management Planned Grazing – Grazing Plan Practicum

DAY 9 – Economy

A – Revision; Farm Enterprise Planning: Comparing Enterprises, Market & Resource Analysis, Complementary Enterprise Options & Liaisons, Managing & Limits to Growth & Expectations
B – Farm Enterprise Management: ‘The Team’, Interns/WWOOFERS, Apprentices, Employees/SubContractors, Terms of Reference, Job Descriptions & Contracts
C – Economy Layer – Over 90 mins prepare a Farm Enterprise & Marketing Concept Plan
D – Economy Layer – Continued from Session C – 60 mins of Farm Enterprise & Marketing Concept Plan preparation then 10 mins per group presentation & feedback

DAY 10 – Energy

A – Revision; Farm Energy Conversion & Storage Systems: Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass, BioDigestor, Wind, Hydro; Analysis of suitability & applications
B – Energy Layer – Over 60 minutes prepare an Farm Energy Concept Plan + 10 mins per group presentation & feedback
C – Farm Enterprise Development & Reporting; Client & Contractor Liaisons; Prioritising Works
D – Completed REX ‘Regrarians Platform’ Concept Plan Layer Analysis & Review – Client & Participant Feedback; ‘What’s Next?’; Presentations

Social Media Links

Facebook Event Page: http://bit.ly/REX6Texas
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Handles: @Regrarians #REX6Texas #REX2016
Event Registration: http://www.regrarians.org/product/rex6texas/ 

USD$1395 per participant
USD$300 deposit on booking available with balance due before start of event


Darren_Doherty_sm_2Darren J. Doherty: has delivered well over 200 courses & seminars to more than 15,000 people since 2001. Darren has also completed close to 2000 property development plans since 1993 in nearly 50 countries and is widely recognised as a leader & pioneer in the Regenerative Agriculture movement. 
Your participation in this #REX includes free access to ProBiotic Omnivorous Offerings include breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, lunch & dinner. These amazing locally sourced food & beverages are supplied Free of Charge for everyone attending this event and it is your choice to eat that which is provided.
If you don’t want to consume any of the locally sourced, processed and supplied food & beverages we have on offer then you will need to self-cater at your own expense.
If you have strict dietary requirements then either bring some of your favourites or let us know ASAP otherwise your options will be limited. #Regrarians Breaks are generous to allow you plenty of time to catch up with old and new friends. You’ll be contacted by email once you’ve made your booking and also close to the event giving any final instructions and information.
*10 day #Regrarians Agriculture & Living Design course (#REX) Tuition 
*4 x 90 minute sessions per day, 0900-1930 + evening sessions, 2 x 30 min morning/afternoon breaks + 1 hour lunch
*Regrarians #REX certificate of completion
Theron Beaudreau of Integrated Acres,

2392 County Road 3, Douglass, Texas 75943





Local lodging out of the nearest town, Nacogdoches, ranges from $45 – $100. 


*A great attitude for participatory learning
*Tent, Camping Gear and Clothing comfortable for a 11-12 night stay 
*Camping mug/cup/plate & (refillable) water bottle
*Torch/Head Lamp (campers only)
*Day bag or small backpack
*If you don’t want to drink the farm’s water supply then please bring your own supply of water
*Sturdy boots
*Long-sleeved shirt & pants/shorts
*Wide-brimmed hat & sunglasses
*Notebook, Laptop/Tablet & Video/still camera
*If you want to have a portable chair for those times when we are stopping for a while around the farm, then bring one (though this is Sherpa-free event !)
*Anything that you need to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible
Whatever non-compostable rubbish you bring you will be taking with you when you leave
In keeping with Regrarians Ltd. ‘Policy of Magnanimity‘, as a participant you are permitted to record anything and everything at this event. By attending this event you give permission for images/voice of yourself to be used by Regrarians Ltd. unless otherwise arranged.
We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that you are not able to attend after you’ve made and paid for your booking. We are happy to give a full refund 14 days out from the date of any #Regrarians events minus a $25 administration fee. If you need to cancel your booking within 14 days then we are unable to provide a refund though you can use your payment towards a future #Regrarians event.
*Allan Savory Titles – http://savory-institute.myshopify.com/
*Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin Titles – http://www.polyfacefarms.com/books-dvds/
*David Holmgren Titles – http://www.holmgren.com.au/
*Tagari Farm Tasmania’s Bill Mollison Titles – http://www.tagari.com.au/
*Design Principles for Farm Forestry – Rowan Reid Ed. – http://www.mastertreegrower.org.au/main.asp?_=Resources
*Edible Forest Gardens – Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier – http://www.edibleforestgardens.com/
*The Geographic Basis of Keyline – J. MacDonald Holmes – http://bit.ly/1f43TOB 
*Water for Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline Plan – Yeomans Keyline Plan – P.A. Yeomans & Ken B. Yeomans – http://keyline.com.au/
*Keyline Notes – Abe Collins & Darren J. Doherty – http://bit.ly/1cy4bWc
*Regrarians Media – Keyline Channel – http://bit.ly/1e797nE

Introduction to Permaculture: March 22nd – 23rd

Join us for 2 days of fun, practical, hands-on Permaculture education. This course will give you down-to-earth knowledge of how to apply permaculture principles in any setting.

Intro to PermaculturePermaculture uses Whole System Thinking to design productive environments that replicate the resiliency, diversity, and stability of natural systems. Through the framework of Permaculture we can design for abundance and empower ourselves towards more sustainable choices.

The Introduction to Permaculture weekend workshop provides an overview of how to apply pro-active, sustainable design techniques to your immediate environment – whether you live in a small apartment, a quarter-acre block, or a rural property.

Eventbrite - Introduction to Permaculture

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Permaculture Design and Empowerment Course – San Diego, California

We’re getting ready for the first ever Permaculture Design and Empowerment Course in Vista, California this September. Not for the faint of heart, the Permaculture Design and Empowerment Course (PDEC) is designed to blast through your personal barriers and empower you with the paradigm shifting knowledge and the experiential grounding of how to use it!

Community MandalaPermaculture Design is a solutions based design science based in natural ecological principles to create abundant edible landscapes that mimic nature and are self-perpetuating. Designed to increase in fertility and abundance over time, permaculture employs strategies to reduce labor and increase yields without compromising the health of sustainability of our planets vital living systems.

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Presenting: Permaculture Adventures Overseas

For the first time ever, I have finally complied and will be presenting a series of slides and video of my permaculture adventures in foreign lands over the past two years.

Where does the next bridge lead?

Bamboo bridge on a permaculture farm in Northern Thailand

Next Saturday, August 17, I’ll be presenting a bit of a snapshot of the last two years of my life… From visiting permaculture projects on the island of Moloka`i, three months working with Geoff Lawton himself at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and nearly a year laying foundations for permaculture movements throughout SE Asia.

This is a completely free and open invitation I’m super excited to share with everyone! We’ll be projecting photos and video after the sun goes down so please show up on time to get the most out of this experience.

This event will be hosted through ape99 at the Permaculture Park in East Austin.
Please sign-up for the ape99 Permaculture Meetup group to RSVP and get more event details.

One lucky person who signs up and attends this event will receive a FREE PASS to the Introduction to Permaculture weekend that Daryl and I will be facilitating the weekend following. We’re also offering a $25 discount to those who sign up for the Permaculture Intro weekend through the Austin Permaculture Guild website.

Why take a Permaculture Introduction course?

Maybe you’ve already taken a full PDC so why take an Introduction to Permaculture Course? Well, each and every permaculture course is going to be different. Permaculture is such a broad subject that Geoff Lawton himself says “…the longer you do permaculture the more you realize what you DON’T know. By this logic,” he says, “Bill Mollison actually knows the least about permaculture because he’s been doing it the longest!” I think that is a great and very humbling way to look at what we are engaged in learning and sharing together.

Rice Harvest Time

Bagging up the season’s rice harvest at Rak Tamachat Permaculture, Central Thailand

No matter how long we’ve been doing permaculture we all still have so much to learn from each other. Taking a Permaculture course is an opportunity not just to refresh knowledge that you might have already encountered but to learn through another’s experience. New discoveries and best practices are being added to the permaculture nexus all the time.

Having traveled around the world learning from experts such as Geoff as well as cultures in areas of the world that are still much more connected to their indigenous knowledge and roots, I’m excited to teach and share what I’ve learned along the way and I’m also excited to invite you to share your experiences with Permaculture. We all have something to gain from working and learning together. As my good friend Daryl always says: “Permaculture is best played together.”

Urban Permaculture & Community in East Austin

On the east side of Austin, Texas, tucked away at the end of a road in a lower income neighborhood, there is something… different… happening. What was once a derelict lot has now grown into a forest, and not just any forest, a forest of food and community. Welcome to Weirder Austin – East Austin’s own Urban Permaculture Education & Demonstration site!

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Re-Mineralizing Soils with Bio-Fertilizer

Working with damaged soils can be a huge challenge. In the world we live in today, it’s hard to find soils that haven’t been damaged through agricultural or urban misuse. If you are one of those lucky few who stumbled on a piece of land that already had pristine, rich deep and loamy soils than rejoice because you need not read any further… Still here? Yea, thought so. Most of us in permaculture design are working with or at least, have started out with, damaged, desiccated, mineral depleted, lifeless soils. One way or another, we have been tasked with reviving our soils from generations of abuse. But how do we return the basic building blocks of life to the soil quickly and efficiently so that we can get on with the high yielding polycultures we keep dreaming about? Enter – Bio-Fertilizer!

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The poetry of India…

Due to current travels through India, Parts 3 – 5 of the Thailand Permaculture series have been put on hold for the time being. I look forward to finishing up this series in April and May as I settle back into life in the U.S.

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more permaculture adventures and many more exciting updates to this website in the coming months! In the mean time, enjoy some of my journal from my travels through India,

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