About Eco-Pioneers.org

Our Mission:

Eco-Pioneers.org is dedicated to the cultivation of abundance through systemic regenerative design and holistic education. Offering practical and relevant solutions to some of today’s most difficult challenges, Eco-Pioneers.org strives to sow a cohesive, whole systems design approach to restorative human action.

Our Vision:

Our world is one of simplicity, harmony and abundance where natural resources and capital are preserved and cultivated.

Our Team:


With a background in cooperative business management and organization, Theron studied and practiced Permaculture in Central Texas for over 5 years before traveling to Australia to learn from world experts. Theron is certified by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia in Permaculture Teacher Training, International Aid Work, Urban Design, Earthworks and Soil Biology and has a wealth of experience in many climates and environments around the world.

Chowgene Koay

Youth Education coordinator

ChowgeneKoayAn active gardener and educator at East Ft Worth Montessori Academy, Chowgene grew up in the suburban area of Arlington, Texas for the majority of his life in a family of doctors and nurses. Curious about the medical field, he journeyed to Austin, Tx to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas. He boldly aspired to make a cure for cancer. As his studies progressed, he became exhausted by the degree program and ventured into gardening to ease his mind and cultivate an area that he was truly interested in. This endeavor led him to Sunshine Community Gardens were he met Theron Beaudreau, learned about permaculture and food forestry, and from that point on Chow has continued learning and gardening with nature. Although he’s not practicing medicine or making drugs, his quest to cure human ailments and diseases has led him to the right job, gardening.

Bright Sky
permaculture Creative support


A fresh upstart in the permaculture world, Bright Sky has spent the year since receiving her certification in February 2012 in intensive study through the permaculture diploma pathway. She spent her fledgling months as a certified practitioner at a permaculture education center in Thailand, and then landed back in the States to support projects on all three coasts. She offers a broad perspective and deep enthusiasm for those wondering how to meet their needs in an ethical and exciting way.

Permaculture is an amazing tool on her superhero tool belt, and along with Nonviolent Communication allows her to operate in many cultures with many different people to make authentic connections, recognize and implement well-designed systems, and have fun doing it!

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