Permaculture Intro & Community Building Workshop, May 6th – May 20th @ Rak Tamachat, Thailand

An introduction to Permaculture & Community Building Workshop using participatory action learning. Based on the belief that every body has a piece of the truth inside of them. Our aim is to create a conducive environment for deep learning that is designed to empower. Largely practical based with a balance of theory sessions, time for reflection & contemplation.

Community Building: Long lasting community’s are based on communication & trust. As a collective we will explore ways of developing & strengthening community relations. Identifying invisible & soft structure that are the foundations of harmony in a community context. We will investigate how Permaculture principles & other tools can potentially be employed to create balance & joy that is accessible to all. Our goal is to offer a rounded experience that integrates the elements that build successful community’s.

 Permaculture Design: Our aim is for participants too leave inspired and confident with a good knowledge of how to apply Permaculture design to community. Our days will kick off with theory sessions, gaining knowledge using participatory and fun methods. Sessions will cover; Ethics and principles, Social Permaculture / community building, Design methodologies, Natural building, Soil, Veg production garden design and Food forests.

Natural Building: Natural building is an important element of land based Permaculture design. During the workshop you will learn about different styles of natural building through theory class’s and practical work sessions. We will have hands on time employing tried and tested methods including Compressed earth blocks (CEB), Adobe and Wattle + cob. We will also learn about decorative, mosaic and sculpture work. During this workshop there will be plenty of opportunity for creativity and play, participants will leave motivated and with plenty of experience.

Organic gardening / designing for abundance: Discover the secrets behind designing awesome functional aesthetic and productive gardens. You will learn about consistently improve soil fertility through a range of composting techniques. Methods will include how to compost day to day household “wastes”, composting toilets and large scale strategy’s. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in every aspect of garden management from potting mixes, direct seeding, transplants, alternative grey water systems and harvesting. We will also have a site visit to a well established organic farm.

The Site: The Panya Projects sister site; Rak Tamachad in Korat Thailand is a new and upcoming Permaculture project with exciting and ambitious aspirations. The site has been designed by the Terra genesis group and is currently being developed into what will be a phenomenal example of Permaculture on a farm scale. We are currently implementing the design, this workshop is a great opportunity be immersed in diversity and too get a taste of Permaculture in action.

Structure Of The Day: During this two-week workshop, we will enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. After time for yoga or meditation we will start with a wholesome breakfast, often porridge fruit and eggs. There will be a mid morning break for refreshments. Lunch will be prepared for us & be served just after noon. There will a slot for rest after lunch followed by a afternoon session. All participants will share the responsibility of preparing our evening meal, this will give us time to exchange & share recipes ideas & flavours. In the evenings there will be opportunity’s for us to socialize, watch documentary have class’s on bread wine and cheese making as well as skill share sessions. We will finish the workshop by firing up our new pizza oven.

Accommodation: Participants will have a choice between dormitory’s or tents both kitted out with comfortable mattress’s sheets and mosquito nets. All food will be provided, a percentage from our land, mainly vegetarian with plenty of fruit. This two week workshop is designed to develop the Hands; Developing practical land based skills. Heart; Cultivating compassion & non violence. Head; Theory sessions, participatory action learning, observation development, discussions, documentaries, roll play & games. This workshop is held a a young community that celebrates & honours diversity. Come & join us for this unique two week experience.

Costs: 14 Day workshop May 6th – May 20th – $550 Inclusive Special NGO Price – $300 Inclusive We ask all participants to pay a $100 deposit to secure your place.

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About the Facilitators: Ben Murray is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher with a background in organic and biodynamic gardening / agriculture, natural building, horticulture and landscape architecture. Ben has been actively practising and teaching permaculture for the last 5 years in England, Thailand and India and is currently managing the gardens at Panya CQ (Rak Tamachad), a newly founded permaculture project in the east of Thailand.. He loves community living, natural building and is most often to be found with his hands in the earth working in the plant realm. Ben is passionate about applying permaculture design to every element of life and believes in being the change we wish to see in the world.

Matt Prosser is a Permaculturist with great passion for building with natural/sustainable materials and sharing knowledge. He has worked at projects in India and spent 2011 enjoying community living at the Panya project Chaing Mai, broadening his knowledge and leading workshops. Matt has attended a Permaculture teachers training course in the UK and recently completed a training of trainers workshop at the well respected Wongsanit ashram. Matt is now natural building manager at Rak Tamachad and is working towards a diploma in applied Permaculture design. He also enjoys working in the plant realm, be it in the garden or food forest. Matt is interested in blurring the lines between work play and art, believing that Permaculture is a important part of the solution for progressive, regenerative global change.