This page is dedicated in appreciation of all the wonderful supporters that have helped support this work internationally.

A Personal Thank You

Thanks to my family, and friends who’ve stood by and supported me at my best and worst moments in life.

Special thanks to all those folks who’ve contributed to the international aid work fund, helping to sustain the important mission to share this vital knowledge with people in need all around the world! Stay tuned for details on how your contributions are spent.

Supporting Organizations

Community Cultivators
Food is Free Project
Love ATX
Creation Flame
Vajra Azaya Communities
Evolver Austin
ReDesign/ReBuild Project
Urban Patchwork Farms

Permaculture Organizations

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Rak Tamachat Permaculture – Thailand
Permaculture Business World
Austin Permaculture Guild
The Panya Project – Thailand
Terra Genesis International
Worldwide Permaculture Network
We The Trees

…and a very special thank you to the supporters of permaculture in Austin, Texas who have contributed to our courses.

Organizational Sponsors

Thanks also to the generosity of these organizations that have contributed to helping make my travels more comfortable and sustainable, allowing me to focus my attention on the important work of helping others find comfort and sustainability in their daily lives.

Eagles Nest Outfitters hooked me up with the ProFly Rain Tarp and a Guardian But Net to keep the bugs and elements safely at bay. You really can’t ask for a better, more robust sleep system than what these guys are offering! And their honest and genuinely helpful customer service is unbeatable. Thanks ENO!!