Peer Review – Chowgene Koay

Presentation & Organization of Output Packet

Editing, shape, size

Is the main body direct and clear of unnecessary technical clutter?

Is the project report easy to navigate?

Is the project report of appropriate size?  Too much, too little?

Does the report flow well?

Theron does a great job at directing his intentions with this diploma project. The skills flex and action learning pathway are very detailed and provide an example of a route to achieve his goals.

Mix of media, genres and styles

(Media mix = (for example) video, slide presentation, written report, animations etc. Genres = story, documentary report, game, talk show etc.  Styles = fonts, images, colour, graphical look and feel etc.)

A project report does not need to be ‘flash’, the emphasis is on relevance and beneficial nature of the chosen techniques. Note that research and choice in this field is an opportunity to use design thinking and thus you can make conscious use of (and report) a design process.  Exploring and enhancing how we present material allows us to develop and refine our professional portfolio.

What do you think about choices regarding media, genre and style to enhance and support the meaning and the message of the project report?

There’s a good mix of media to help enhance the presentation of his diploma project; video, blog posts, mind maps, and much more.

Management of Output Packet Creation

Was the project report submitted on time with sufficient time allowed for peer review? Do you consider the project report complete with 3 P’s, learning journal extracts and personal process review, appendices, etc?

Yes, project was on time, and I believe his project report is complete with 3P’s. The project was thorough, well documented, and provided personal insight to the stage and point where Theron is at the moment and where he is going to be.

Design Skills

Articulation of Approach

Is it clear what design approaches/organizing frameworks and processes were considered for the design of the project?

The organization and methods utilized to design the project were well crafted from an outside perspective. It’s clear that Theron approached the project with thought and ideas before it went onto the inter-web.


Has your peer evidenced good use of design skills to influence the quality of their project and their action learning pathway?

Absolutely! The use of maps, stories, and a detailed action learning pathway all contribute to a quality project. The action learning pathway could use more media and examples to provide a different perspective than the good ole’ English language.

Critical Evaluation & Thinking

Any evidence of attempts to validate original thinking and has your peer provided some third-party evidence to support your conclusions? Links, references, etc?

Yep, evidence is overly abundant and well documented. Links take you to different projects, show video, and there’s plenty of evidence from a plethora of outside resources.

Action learning skills (for Project and Output)

Concrete Experience (Awareness in action)

Does the report indicate balance between action and thought – does your peer seem to be able to get to action and act?

I think Theron finds himself over occupied on both fronts, which could be called balance. It’s hard to say, but he seems to manage the project reports and action filled life quite well.

Reflective Observation (Appraisal of action outcomes)

Does your peer create the time, space for good quality reflection?  Do the learning journal extracts seem useful?

Yep, the pictures of his journals and the diagrams he drew show that he’s made time and space to reflect on the project. It looks like it’s provided a resourceful tool for him to think and reflect on the process.

Active Experimentation (Use of piloting and trials)

Does the report show readiness and inventiveness around designing and operating pilots and trials (rapid prototypes)?  Is your peer “having a go” or in need of less planning and more doing?

From watching Theron’s diploma project and life projects unfold, there’s a good readiness and intent to prototype, plan and do. The permaculture diploma course, and the upcoming workshops that Theron’s hosting shows preparation and a willingness to achieve higher skills and goals. It’s exciting to see the progress unfold from thought to reality.


Benefits to Field (Project)

Describe the ‘value’ of this work to the world?

The value is incomprehensible. Providing a space for creative learning and doing is an abundant opportunity that this work is showing our communities.

Growth of Skill flexes (Professional)

Can you reflect back professional skills you can see evolving?

I can see personal teaching methods, goals articulation, design methods, community organizing, urban permaculture,. . .and so much more reaching new stages. He’s on track to accomplish his skill flex through his action learning pathway.

Internal Growth & Development (Personal)

Any personal insights and gains you can reflect back to your peer?  Any clear (un)learning?

You’re one heck of a person. I can remember those conversations we had years back about the ideas we had in mind for the life we wanted to live here in this moment. All I can say is that it is happening, and you are clearly living and developing the life you want to live and leave behind.

Contributes to knowledge commons

Was there any movement towards disseminating the projects learnings? (eg, workshops, online tutorials, etc) Are their clear links available to the public/ peer group?

Yeah, there were a good bit of those, and there are links to all the facebook, linkedin and universal web of links.

Thank you for sharing and caring for each other’s growth, development and fulfillment.  It is the desire and commitment to be of benefit that allows us to be of use!

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