Permaculture Diploma

This page will document my pathway through ten permaculture design projects on the road to an accredited Permaculture Diploma. As I embark on this journey, I hope that this page will inspire and guide others through the process of accreditation in Applied Permaculture Design.

What is the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design?

The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is the internationally recognized next step after completing a Permaculture Design Course. The Diploma formally recognizes and accredits your practice of permaculture. This is particularly important for individuals who are interested in teaching permaculture, offering permaculture services and/or developing and running permaculture projects.

The Independent Permaculture Diploma

The Permaculture Diploma was initially designed to be entirely independent in nature. After completing the Permaculture Design Course, it was up to each individual to navigate the process of accreditation independently. This resulted in a great many challenges both for the individual seeking accreditation and the accreditation bodies who had to sift through large amounts of work that didn’t always follow any particular set of guidelines or standards of formating.

The supported Diploma

Thanks to organizations such as the British Permaculture Association, a framework of support has been developed and added to the traditionally independent diploma. Through the Association, individuals in the U.K. can team up with peer groups and a network of tutors to help guide them through the pathway toward accreditation.

Because of a lack of resources in the U.S. for diploma tutoring and guidance, I have teamed up with two other individuals who are interested in pursuing their diploma in Applied Permaculture Design to form our own peer support group.

Applying many of the systems and tools used by the British Permaculture Association, and with the generous support of one of the BPA’s best tutors, Richard Perkins of Integralpermanence and a current diploma student, Matt Prosser, we have embarked on the journey toward accreditation in Applied Permaculture Design. In addition, we are blazing a trail for others to follow.

My Personal Diploma Goals

Through the process of accreditation, my aim is to design and initiate a co-operative organization that will help to facilitate higher education in permaculture design. Based in the US, the co-operative will be loosely based on the model and example set forth by the British Permaculture Association. We will offer support to those who seek to take their permaculture practice to the next level. Building confidence in the individual partitioners, credibility of sound permaculture theory and resilient networks of support for regenerative design.


Project 1 – Design the Diploma

Project 2 – Permaculture Design Course in Cedar Creek, Texas

Project 3 – Open Book Management Financial Game Design

Project 4 – Holistic Goal Design

Project Phive – The Regenerative Business Plan

Project 6 – Ranch X

Project 7 – Permaculture at Consumer Cooperative Management Association ’13

Project 8 – Designing Permaculture Education Cooperative

Project 9 – Cultivating the Cooperative Community & Leadership Development

Project 10 – Launching the Permaculture Education Cooperative

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